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Using Flower Essences to Clear Emotional Blocks and Relieve Stress

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I have observed flower essences treat many emotional and mental health issues. Including stress, lack of confidence, fatigue, overwhelm, trauma, hormonal imbalances, perfectionism, depression, self love, social disconnection and so much more! I have even observed flower essences help with withdrawal symptoms in addiction. They act on deeper issues contained within to help us process and move behind our fears and limitations. They work well with other energy modalities such as reiki, acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga and qi gong.

Flower essences contain a vibrational infusion of Australian Bush Flowers or other flowers depending on what brand you use. Essences of flowers have been used since ancient times to treat health conditions. Their vibration corresponds to a specific condition or issue. Through their healing properties, flower essences help rebalance emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalances and, therefore, promote the whole person’s health.

Benefits of flower essences:

  • Life purpose and direction

  • Moving through blocks and self-doubt

  • Releasing old patterns, past wounds and trauma

  • Increasing clarity and focus

  • Reducing stress, worry, fear, tension and anxiety

  • Releasing shame, guilt and sabotage

  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence

Ways to use flower essences include:

  • Seeing a practitioner to obtain an individual reading and prescription if you have specific issues you wish to work on. If you are interested in trying this I have appointments available on my website.

  • Making your own flower essences by infusing your flowers in spring water and diluting the essence.

  • Try a combination essence such as emergency essence/calm and clear (Australian Bush Flowers) or rescue remedy (Bach) if you have general stress or trauma issues.

  • Combine with other energy modalities for maximum benefits including yoga, qi gong, reiki or acupuncture.

I hope this helps you all to better understand how flower essences work and ways to use them to promote health.

Love and light,


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