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Tips for taking care of your physical health

Self care involves a multi-faceted approach as we are complex beings. In my experience with shift work, long hours and hard physical work; eating a healthy diet has made a large difference to my perseverance and energy levels throughout the day. When you are working long hours that start early in the morning avoiding that afternoon slump can be difficult and you may find yourself constantly reaching for a pick-me-up such as sugary foods or caffeine. These foods are quick fixes only that put stress on the pancreas or adrenals and may eventually increase risk of adrenal fatigue or insulin resistance. To prevent this is simply a method of changing the diet to increase protein and complex carbohydrates to deal with energy demands and keep sugars raised over a longer period of time.

Ideas to improve energy throughout the day:

  • Increase protein consumption at breakfast and lunch such as boiled eggs, palm sized serving of salmon, chicken or beef or beans/lentils

  • Increase protein by adding to snacks such as hummus and brown rice crackers or apple and nut butter.

  • Eat a range of vegetables with all colours - at least 5 servings a day

  • Ensure eating enough wholegrains (2 pieces of wholemeal/rye sourdough at breakfast or 1/2 cup brown rice, buckwheat, or quinoa at lunch and dinner).

  • Have a protein shake in the afternoon to prevent the afternoon slump (you can always add other goodies into your shake like greens powder or maca powder for more energy

  • If having trouble eating in the morning due to early hours try having a smoothie: up to 450g of fresh fruit and vegetables (can add one carrot, two celery sticks, paw paw, frozen mango, etc), coconut water or filtered water 400ml, one tablespoon of chia seeds or linseeds, blend for one minute (serves 4 - can bottle and drink over the next few days)

You need to take care of your body if you want it to run efficiently. Keep in mind that there's a strong connection between your body and your mind. When you’re caring for your body, you'll think and feel better too. Other tips for physical self care include getting enough sleep by ensuring there is a sleep routine in place. Select a time one hour prior to bed, dim the lights, have a soothing cup of calming tea and reduce electronic use. One thing that improves sleep and physical energy is an exercise routine.

For those with physical jobs this may be difficult as you may feel exhausted at the end of the shift. I feel for these people that introducing something gentle such as a brief slow walk around the block with deep belly breaths or yoga stretches is more beneficial. Of course some people love going to the gym after work and working out. It is important then not to burn oneself out and to pair cardio with gentle stretches with deep breathing to increase calming neurotransmitters such as GABA that will prevent stress and increase relaxation.

Finally, it is important when taking care of your physical health to seek help when needed. If there is any physical symptom in your body that you are concerned about seek advice from a qualified health professional.

In addition, I just wanted to give an update on my process of setting up the business as I know many of you are not on my mailing list. The application process is taking longer than expected from my association so I am looking to push the opening back to March. Sorry for those who were keen to book in soon, it has been a frustrating wait for myself and I have learned how to be very patient with things outside of my control. I should have the booking link up somewhere near the end of the month and I will do a post on social media when this is active.

If you are super keen to see me I will be in person at Darra Community Markets on the 12/2/22 at 1 Wau Rd, Darra and will be offering flower essence, iridology and tea readings.

Hope to see you there,


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