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How to Create a Vision Board

A vision board is exactly as the name implies. A board that works on our vision for the future. If you tend to spend your time worrying about the future and what it entails then this positive tool is definitely for you.

I created my first vision board many years ago when I was feeling disconnected and very unhappy with my life. I used to spend much of my time worrying about the future and imagining all the bad things that could be on the way. My imagination was very good at thinking up what terrors could be around the corner. The photo pictured about is an actual image from my vision board. The photos down the right hand side of the board have pretty much been there since I started using the board. Subsequently, I had a spiritual awakening and chose to study naturopathy. As you can see a vision board is a very powerful tool - so it is important to consider how to use the board appropriately.

But first lets consider the benefits of having a vision board:

  • Assists you to set intentions for the future

  • Helps keep your goals and wishes clear

  • Assists with motivation and productivity

  • Improves creativity

  • Boosts success

  • Increases happiness

  • Provides focus

Furthermore, research has shown that those who use a vision board are more likely to achieve their goals.

How to set up a vision board

  1. Get a board - I like to use a cork board but you could use anything that will hold paper like a whiteboard or piece of cardboard

  2. Consider what you want to achieve in the short term and long term - what would improve your happiness (it may be helpful to meditate on your future or ask your spirit guides for some clarifications if you're not sure) - you could journal this prior to start the actual board to help you narrow down what fits your goals

  3. Find images, affirmations, or phrases that will reiterate your goals to you. You can search and print off the internet, look in magazines, draw, write down on paper, etc. If writing your own affirmations be sure to use proper wording: instead of I want to get start with I am or I have. E.g. Instead of I want a new house you would say I have a new house.

  4. Use pins, magnets or glue depending on your board and stick on your pictures. I like to group things together so the board feels less jumbled and more organised, but you can really do this in any way that resonates with you.

  5. Put your board in some place where you will see it every day (if you can't see the board it will not help your mindset to absorb your images)

  6. Be sure to regularly review your board about once a month - remove any images that you feel do not need to be there anymore and add any new ones that come to you.

Hope this post helps you set up a vision board so that you can have a positive future full of good intentions.

Love and light,


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