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Energising Morning Smoothie Recipe

In my previous role as a registered nurse, starting work at 6am most mornings, I would often struggle to eat breakfast. My go to in this case is a wholefood smoothie and I love to use this with clients who struggle with breakfast as it will keep them going over the whole day. This smoothie is packed with protein, vegetables, fibre and fruit. I encourage my clients to use whatever seasonal vegetables they have around the house, so they are fresher and reducing wastage. To ensure vegetables are seasonal and toxin free checking out local organic grocers or farmers markets is best. I found that most organic places can deliver a box of mixed seasonal vegetables for a reasonable price, and this ensures that there are always smoothie ingredients present to vary the recipe and change it up. Using different ingredients (and colours) each time ensures that you get a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. But without further ado here is my recipe to get you through those hard working days.


  • 600g of fresh fruit and vegetables (I used three small carrots, two celery sticks, two nectarines, and one cucumber)

  • 250ml of Juice, coconut water or filtered water (I used two oranges and two limes)

  • One tablespoon of chia seeds or linseeds

  • One tablespoon of maca

  • One tablespoon of greens powder

  • Add a tablespoon of nut butter for extra protein (optional)


  1. Place ingredients chopped into pieces in blender or thermomix

  2. Blend for one minute.

  3. Serves 4 - you can bottle this and drink over the next few days or share with the family!

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