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Top Tips for Scheduling Rest Time

Updated: May 18, 2022

Over the holidays I normally plan activities or time away, but this Easter I was called to take time to rest. I went into what I can only describe as a hibernation state. In listening to my physical, mental and emotional needs I dropped many things I had planned to do and took some time to just be. This may be quite difficult for those of us who are used to being busy all the time but it is an extremely vital aspect of self care and listening to ourselves. So today I wanted to discuss the part of self care that involves 'doing nothing'.

Firstly, it is important to realise when we are getting (or even better prior to getting there) to the stage where we need some absolute rest.

So what are the signs that you need a rest day?

  • You are tired a lot of the time

  • You are teary or irritable to those around you

  • Lacking motivation or energy

  • When you're feeling overwhelmed

  • Or you just feel you need a rest day

If you notice these signals perhaps it is time to schedule some rest time in your busy schedule.

Lets look at some of the benefits of scheduling regular rest time:

  • Improved energy

  • Improved mood

  • Relief from chronic pain

  • A reduction in blood pressure

  • Improved immune and cardiovascular health

  • Regeneration and renewal of cells in the body as well as clearing of wastes is improved

  • It can also improve inspiration and creativity

So how do we schedule rest time (especially when we're busy):

  • Go through your calendar and prioritise tasks - what needs to be done straight away and what can wait?

  • Pick a day (or time slot if you're super busy) and reschedule whatever can wait to another day or (or time slot if you're super busy)

  • This is the hard part for those of us who are used to being busy a lot of the time. When you're into your chosen rest time is the time to let go of those tasks and just live in the moment. Be with whatever is happening but try not to schedule things and do try to take some time to rest your body and mind.

  • If you really need some activities to do during your rest time try to do things that are recharging such as: taking a bath, reading a novel, meditation or sitting in the grass.

I hope this helps you to be able to take time to rest and recover from your busy lives.

Love and light,


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