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Tips to Reduce Dis-ease in the Body with Nature

Updated: May 18, 2022

Nature is one the best medicines to heal the body. It balances our energy affecting our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I have observed the most stressed client, who then spends some time in nature, is able to return to a centred and calm place. In our current world with the internet, phones, televisions and being inside all the time. It is not surprising that we as a society commonly suffer from dis-ease, chronic stress and disconnection. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that we are getting adequate outside time to refill our energy and connect back into balance and peace.

But how does nature achieve this harmony within us?

  • Research has shown that even photos of nature can reduce cortisol within our body, lower blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and reduce emotions of anger, fear, and stress.

  • Green is the same colour as our heart chakra, which opens the love frequency and allows us to heal.

  • Naturally we are programmed to be engrossed by nature scenes and are, therefore, distracted from pain or unpleasant emotions.

  • Research has shown that those who view nature scenes have areas of love and empathy in the brain that light up, whereas, urban scenes lit up areas concerned with anxiety and fear.

  • A deprivation of nature (and increase in screen time) has been proven to increase depression and high risk of death independent of physical activity.

Benefits of nature:

  • Positive mood reducing anger, fear, anxiety and stress.

  • Improves vitality

  • Improves ability to connect to others

  • Antidepressant

  • Healing our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health

  • Increases focus, creativity and problem solving as well as our ability to work throughout the day

  • Great for heart health and blood pressure

How to get more nature in your life?

  • Drink your morning coffee in the garden

  • Spend your lunch breaks outside in nature (it could be in the local park)

  • Instead of going out to restaurants have picnics in the park with friends

  • Go hikes with family and friends

  • When you finish work instead of sitting in front of the tv - sit in the grass (you could use this time to play with your children or animals)

  • Instead of going away to resorts go camping with the family to a national park

Of course you do not have to do all these tips at once. Why don't you pick one thing this week to change and introduce more nature into your life?

Love and light,



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