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Tips for Social Self Care

I've deliberately left this aspect of self care till last as I believe it is easier to connect with others once we have properly connected with ourselves and our mindset is clear. Our vibration effects those around us, therefore, when we are in a bad place with negative self talk or beliefs we may push people away. Similarly being in a place where you desperately need other people may cause some resistance to others.

I've seen the evidence of this in myself where I am trying to connect with others but am not in the right headspace the conversation just cannot flow as it usually does and I feel even more isolated and alone. Similarly I have observed people who are overly needy inadvertently push others away. Therefore, I believe once you have properly connected with yourself, you own inner love and your spirit and you are coming from a place of peace and there is not a deep need for others as you know you are always connected. This opening of the heart energy attracts your tribe to you, those that resonate on the same frequency as you.

If you are struggling to open your heart energy to others here is a simple exercise:

  1. Close your eyes and slow your breathing focussing on your inhale and exhale

  2. Visualise your heart space and feel the energy that rests there if there is any heavyness or emotion acknowledge that and sit with it for as long as you need

  3. Then picture glowing pink energy radiating into your heart space - just feel it filling up your heart space

  4. Notice how your heart space feels now - if not better repeat steps 2 & 3

  5. Now picture the people you wish to connect with and send glowing pink energy to them - really feel that energy enveloping them

This exercise allows you to connect with the love frequency so you can better connect with others.

So how else do we connect with others?

Social connection has been proven to enhance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A lack of social connection has been shown to be more detrimental to health than smoking, high blood pressure and and obesity. In todays modern world connecting with others has taken on new meaning with social distancing, social media, zoom, email, sms and the internet. Despite this connection with online communities it has been shown that people are feeling more alone than ever. Social media has been proven to be detrimental to our health with loneliness and depression skyrocketing since 2011. However, some do find a connection on social media they may not find in real life. There may be support groups for a condition or a particular meditation group. All in all social media can be great when used in moderation so it is great to set limits on your app with your phone so you are not on it all day every day and connect with the world around you. Social connection with others has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood, self esteem as well as immune function.

Tips to connect to others:

  • Make time each day to connect with your family (meal times are often the best time for this), you can sit around the table and discuss your day with no phones or distractions (this strengthens your bond and connection with your family and allows you to support each other through life's challenges)

  • Make time at least once a week to connect with friends or a friend. This could be a simple phone call, message or zoom call but in person is even better if you can achieve it.

  • It is often beneficial to reflect on your relationships and journal what people mean to you - you can then communicate in a message how you feel about your friends and this will improve your connection

  • Meeting like minded people can increase feelings of connectedness to others: joining groups that interest you (such as hiking groups, knitting groups, etc) can make it easier to connect with others as they have common interests to you.

Hope that you all can find some time this week to connect to others

Love and light,



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