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How to Set Up a Sacred Space for Self Care

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Self care is something that is essential in order to refill our energy and make it easier to care for others. Unfortunately, when we are busy or caught up in our lives it is the first thing to fall to the wayside. When I was working as a Registered Nurse I constantly would find myself too busy to take care of myself and would get burnout, using more and more sick leave. It was a common pattern to work so hard until I was near burn out and then take weeks off at a time to recover only to go straight back to overworking again.

Of course now I know better and in my later years, when I was studying naturopathy, I found balance by setting up a self care altar and taking regular time to focus on my needs. A self care altar is just a space in your home where you can reconnect and recharge for the next day (it doesn't even necessarily have to be an altar).

So what are the benefits of having a self care space or altar?

  • Keeping you accountable - it ensures you have a safe space to practice self care, therefore, you are more likely to practice it

  • Improving your social, mental spiritual and emotional wellbeing

  • Increases your ability to give love and energy freely to others without resentment

  • Recharging your energy and spirit

  • Improving feelings of gratitude and self love

  • Reducing feelings of anxiety

  • Fostering new ideas and creativity

These benefits overflow into other areas of your life including your relationships and your work. But how can you achieve these benefits? Below I will walk you through step by step how to create a space for self care in your home.

How to set up a self care space:

  1. Find a space inside (or outside) of your home where you feel particularly at peace and could see yourself sitting and recharging (near nature is best but not necessary)

  2. Cleanse the space (you can use sage, paulo santo, sacred water or simply some incense and chanting) but make the space clear of previous energy

  3. If the space hasn't got a chair consider your comfort by adding cushions, blankets, etc so that you can sit for a time without feeling uncomfortable (you can always use a chair if this is more comfortable for you)

  4. Add things to your space that have meaning for you and bring you a sense of peace (some ideas are below):

  • Altar with altar cloth

  • Incense

  • Candles

  • Photos of loved ones

  • Affirmations (printed out or written)

  • Crystals

  • Oracle cards

  • Wands

  • Statues

  • Favourite teabags and teacup

  • Favourite food

  • Zen garden

  • Sound healing (singing bowl, flute, drum or bells)

  • Symbols of the elements (earth, water, wind and fire - bowl of earth, bowl of water, feathers, candle)

  • Plants

  • Favourite book or novel

  • Sketch pads and drawing utensils

These are just some ideas, it is your self care space and you can really add anything you wish to it. Of course this is only part of the process. The real healing begins when you actually use the space appropriately. As some may just regress back into business and forget all about their space. So now I'm going to walk you through how to use your space appropriately.

How to use your self care space:

  • The frequency you use your space depends on how busy you are. But not what you are thinking. If you are actually more busy I recommend you use your space more to reconnect and recharge, rather than less. At least 10 minutes a day in the mornings or evenings is best.

  • If you notice yourself feeling stressed or frazzled know that your space is always there for you to calm and reset you - you can use it whenever you need a moment.

  • I like to clear my energy first with a little bit of sound healing but you could achieve this by lighting a candle or some incense and focusing on your breath

  • Next I like to focus on something that gives me gratitude - it could be a photo of a loved one or a plant

  • After that is a good time for any creative time, if you feel inclined, you could sing, chant or draw

  • Finally if I'm feeling really frazzled I like to sit and do my oracle cards as sometimes this can give me a different perspective into my situation

  • If the main reason you choose to sit in this space is because of anxiety consider using calming rituals such as drinking chamomile or lemon balm tea, playing with a zen garden or worry balls. These draw you out of the thinking mind to focus on the present.

  • This is also a great time to write in your journal any insights you have manages to glean from your self care time

I hope these tips help you to set up a space where you can find peace and balance in your home. By looking after yourself you are making an important step so that you can give more fully of your energy and time to others.

If you would like more help with scheduling a self care routine for yourself you can book a naturopathy appointment with me and we can discuss your lifestyle and how to promote feelings of wellness rather than exhaustion.

Love and light,


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